As part of our commitment to keeping our community safer, Dryer Vent Wizard of St Croix Valley shares industry knowledge with St Croix, WI residents. Learn about dryer vent safety, warning signs, and news here!

Pantry Loading Pest

Embark on a journey with Dryer Vent Wizard St Croix Valley as we answer the call of a distressed resident whose clothes refused to embrace the warmth of the dryer. As our expert technician delved into the mystery, it didn't take long to uncover the culprit – an obstructed vent, a silent saboteur of airflow and a potential hazard, lurking dangerously close to the heat source.

But here's...

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Disconnection on the line!

Enter the scene of household heroics: a husband's call to action, dialing up the saviors at Dryer Vent Wizard St Croix Valley for a dryer vent repair. The tale unfolds as our expert technician embarks on an inspection adventure, discovering the laundry set strategically positioned in the mudroom amidst a mid-floor plan.

But lo and behold, the dryer vent had a journey of its own,...

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What is that scratching sound in the dryer vent?

Picture this: a tale of dryer vent rescue that unfolded when a savvy customer got wind of Dryer Vent Wizard St Croix through her trusty appliance repair pro. Eager to tackle the vent challenge head-on, our expert team rolled up to the customer's residence the very next day, armed with inspection tools and a commitment to top-notch service.

As our professional technician delved into the...

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The Villas at Red Cedar Canyon

Step into the world of Red Cedar Canyon, a captivating 10-building, 66-unit condominium development that recently found itself in a dryer vent dilemma – but fear not, Dryer Vent Wizard of St Croix Valley came to the rescue. This two-story condominium complex, served by the wizard team, for crucial dryer vent cleanup every other summer to ensure safety and peak efficiency.

The plot...

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Laundry Mat - Case Study

The folks over at A&E Laundry recently decided it was time to give their hardworking fleet of 14 commercial laundry machines a little TLC. Enter Dryer Vent Wizard, the go-to team for tackling the nitty-gritty of dryer vents. Sure, the machines had a DIY attempt in the past, but the savvy owners knew there was more to the story. Cue October 2022 – the inaugural clean date with Dryer Vent...

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